5 x Classic Bikini Everyday Bundle Pack Moisture Wicking Absorbency

AED 170.00

Please Select the Color First

Flow: 0ml – moisture-wicking only 

For: Hot weather, sweaty workouts, high-pressure jobs 

Feels: Way better than panty liners – or embarrassing sweat patches 

Impact: No more disposable liners, less sweat = more sustainable 

Trust our Classic Moisture Wicking Full Brief to feel cool, fresh and dry every day, whether at work or at play – without a disposable liner in sight.  

With a super slim Merino wool lining which wicks moisture and fights odour and bacteria, this is the ultimate pack for all-day comfort. 

What’s included:  
– 5 x Classic Full Brief in Moisture Wicking (3 solid colours, 2 native Australian botanical designs) 

– 1 x Calico Storage Bag  
Please note this underwear is for sweat and odour control only. For period or incontinence protection, please choose one of our absorbent styles, like the Classic Full Brief.